Should Yahoo! Pay People for Typosquatting?


Paul Sloan wrote a Business 2.0 cover piece about domainer Kevin Ham. He also noted that Yahoo! outsmarted Google by monetizing the .cm typos:

A domainer named Kevin Ham struck a deal with the government of Cameroon to set up a wildcard -- a line of software code that reroutes all traffic that goes to a .cm name that isn't registered. (Cameroon, keep in mind, has just 167,000 computers connected to the Internet, and very few .cm names are registered). The typo traffic flows through a site called Agoga, where it is served up ads from Yahoo (YHOO).

Should search engines directly or indirectly fund typosquatting?



In many cases, the domainers just look for whoever will pay more for the traffic. There are several PPC engines that pay for domains that are parked and typosquatting domain traffic. Even Google has a domain (parking) program.

From what I can tell from the article, Ham went to first and has had a relationship with them for years...which is probably why he just continues with it.

What's the def?

It's not typo squatting though, is it? He doesn't own the domains.


It's amusing to see the domainers complain about what Google does with domain typos in search boxes and then Google complain when the domainers register (or redirect) typo domains.

BTW, Aaron, enjoyed your interview of domainer Frank Schilling. Nice.

OMG! can ou imagine how much

OMG! can you imagine how much traffic this is.. that guy is gonna make billions $$ if he gets all the .cm domains

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