Forgetting websites...

Just this evening i got a link request from some spammy directory i wouldn't link to if you payed me (which was not offered heh..). The funny thing was it was for a site that i had thought i'd a) taken down and b) let the domain expire

It was/is a phpBB forum on a health topic i know a little bit about and was started purely for me to find some more out about this particular topic - anyway, $$$'s became a bigger priority, and seeding a forum takes way too much work so i kinda forgot about it.

When i went to see it a moment ago, it's hardly thriving, but, there is some signs of life, a few spammy posts and a few really, really good ones - and it's way pre sandbox.

I may very well have to resurrect the domain on the same topic but different format just as pre-sandboxed domains are a pain to find..

Ever forgotten sites like that? It's a first for me....


The first site I built and go

The first site I built and got paid for (£200 to a family friend, 1 page on geocities when I first left college, my first taste of making money off the web) I looked at about 3 years later.

It had picked up a dmoz listing and PR6. Luckily I remembered the log in details and went in a placed a few cheeky links to other sites I was working on.