Google Disabling Arbitrage and MFA Accounts


Jenstar has a great thread on her site about how Google is disabling arbritrage accounts as of June 1.

Does this mean that the Yahoo Publisher Network will see an influx of arbitrage, or is this model now dead?


Good news.

Good news Adsense gona pay more money to non MFA site

link drop removed - GW


>Good news Adsense gona pay more money to non MFA site

They earn less money because there's less competition, so why should they pay out more?

Google needs to police themselves too

OK this may take care of the adsense arbitragers, but what about the big boys that are part of the Google Search Network. That includes the Google Domain Park program.


Well said JeremyL. Google is just as bad at throwing garbage traffic into their network (putting Myspace into their "search network" is one example). At least with the MFA sites, I know I can block sites sending garbage traffic. With the domain parking and garbage search partners, I have to kill the whole thing to lose the garbage traffic.

Will Yahoo Resist the MFA Sites?

Those Google guys are smart and sometimes play a deeper game than at first appears. This could be just the thing to keep Panama from getting off the ground. If Yahoo goes for the sucker move and loads up their network with garbage MFA sites, they will increase short term revenues but lock themselves into crap network status. As clueless as Yahoo has been lately, I see them going for the quick buck so they have something good to tell Wall Street for the quarter, and absolutely destroying any chance they have to really compete with Google.

Yahoo are truly clueless and truly greedy

they are running useless American results in Canadian only markets - the advertiser loses his money (Canadians can't buy his products) at $7/click. Canadians don't get useful PPC results (although many of them won't figure it out until they click two or three in desperation and find that they are on the wrong side of the border).

American advertisers = burned.
Canadian consumers = burned.
Canadian advertisers = left out of the game (not many Canadians like US$7/click).

Yahoo laughs its way to the bank this year. But very, very short-sighted.

So my money is that they accept these junk sites with open arms.

At least they are out of Google.

Although I'm with Jeremy. Time to lose the domain parking business too. At least in the SERPs.

In fact, no parked domain should ever rank for anything. Known parking IP's/code just minus 950 and sayonara.

Make the domainers run for their money.

The domainers are already looking closely.. what we SEOs are doing.

While we look at their business model, they are looking at ours.

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