MPAA shuts Loki Torrent down..

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MPAA strikes at P2P again
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Loki Torrent gets shut down.

This website has been permanently shut down by court order because it facilitates the illegal downloading of copyrighted motion pictures. The illegal downloading of motion pictures robs thousands of honest, hard-working people of their livelihood, and stifles creativity. Illegally downloading movies from sites such as these without proper authorization violates the law, is theft, and is not anonymous. Stealing movies leaves a trail. The only way not to get caught is to stop.

The MPAA is not messing owner gets fined a cool $1,000,000



I've only had cause to even use bitTorrent once - downloading a very large zip of tsunami coverage a few weeks back and i was most impressed - though im in two minds about movie sharing...

Would anyone care to offer a firmer opinion on the whole issue? I could use getting a grip on the general arguments for and against if anyone has time to explain the basic arguments to me...

To easy

They have to come out like thugs. It is too easy to do. They tried to bet that they could do unbreakable encryption but that failed miserably. They learned from the music industry and all the problems they had with Napster.

The problem for them is high speed internet. These files are quite large 3 or 4 megs. The quality of the movies are near or perfect in many cases. They are just trying to scare enough people away from it. The truly tech savvy will always get this stuff.

Most of that stuff is offshore anyways. I am kind of surprised to hear this guy was in the States.

Oh and bittorrent is very niffy. I am kind of a fan of torrent tornado

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