Taking a day off...


So, nothing much happens newswise at weekends and today, for the first time since we started in October, im havin' a break :)

Went shopping this morning, had pizza and beer, gonna watch a film and chill out with the family tonight and my IM is off - yeah!

Gonna watch "the last samurai" - hope it's not shit...

If anything happens, you guys know where the submit button is, otherwise, bore the crap out of the rest of us (as i did above) with what you've been up to this weekend :-)


There was one part of "The La

There was one part of "The Last Samurai" that cracked me up. You can totally tell that Tom Cruise is not a horse person: he rode a fat little gelding that would rather eat than move.

I liked it

but then im not particularly hard to please with films....


Permission denied [and it is shit too].

The Last Samurai

Great flick, it's not shit.