sells at DomainFest auction for 695,000 euro


This is the biggest price for a .de domain and really helps cement domain extensions other than .com as a viable investment market.

Not a bad effort and saved the otherwise pretty dead domain auction.

Lucky the big party was on after or we might have had an empty auction room after that ;)


I'm sure it was a big party given..

.. that someone just made nearly $1M.

Though its interesting that it was the .de, anyone care to put a valuation on or .eu after that sale.

hmmmmm I say

hmmmmm I say about be about 1m euro and would be about 200,000euro

there are over 10 Million

there are over 10 Million .de domains registered about the same as .net domains, so that's not really surprising. Also was recently sold for over $20M, so is a decent deal. did not sell for $20 million was a rumor.

they are trying to sell it now through a private auction but as if now no sale has been done.

The .de root servers behave

The .de root servers behave very strangely, just read exhibit 11 here:

A complete .de dns transfer from the DoD, mit, and eli lilly to a halliburton ip address? What?!?!?!


When the .de names first came out, I tried to get but failed.

At the time, it looked to me like was on some type of reserve list with a bunch of other high profile names...

I guess I should have tried harder and offered a some sugar in the deal...


Hey, I heard that rumor.

Here is another rumor...
The purchase of is only for the domain name, the offer does not include the business or software.

I think it is going to go for a lot less than 20 mil. ;-)

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