Google: All Your Porn Are Belong to Us


Google is off the hook for showing thumbshot images of porn:

A U.S. appeals court ended a preliminary injunction Wednesday against Google Inc.'s. image-search service from displaying thumbnail-sized photos from a sexually explicit site.

Yet it said a lower court should reconsider the issue of whether Google was liable for allowing users to link to sites displaying unauthorized photos.


Does this mean I can take

Does this mean I can take copyrighted images from any site I want and use them? Or is this decision strictly a "Google is allowed to do it but no one else" decision? Kind of odd that Google takes this stance as they are one of the bigger complainers about sites using their Google logo without permission.

Bad news for everybody else

"We conclude that the significantly transformative nature of Google's search engine, particularly in light of its public benefit, outweighs Google's superseding and commercial uses of the thumbnails in this case," the judge wrote.

So basically, they clear google but leave the door open to attack any little guys.

Google could be held contributorily liable if it had knowledge that infringing Perfect 10 images were available using its search engine, could take simple measures to prevent further damage to Perfect 10's copyrighted works and failed to take such steps.

And now you can be held liable if you link to a bad neighborhood that you know is a bad neighborhood.

Not sure about the attack the small guys

I would imagine that if its a search engine you can get away with it via
some fair use provison.

A lot of pron sites don't secure their pics very well - I worked on a mobile pron campaign last year and Google Image saerch had spidered the image direectory and where searchable.

Just Dodgy geezers trying it on in my option.

Plain Stupid

Im not into the adult industry but at the end of the day their images are their saleable products and if they are dumb enough to allow them to be spidered then they shouldn't complain and are just plain stupid.

Why would they not lock that stuff down... unless of course this is a 'contrived' situation and they laid a Spratt to catch a Mackerel in which case the Mackerel just got away.

The issue people care about

The issue people care about is not Google indexing their own site...they care about Google sending a flood of traffic to those who are stealing their content.


Its difficult to argue the stealing point in Mjwalshe example, lets face it we all know how the information is gathered and it is a set process. There is no point complaining about the images being spidered if you are culpable in the first place.

I just think that its easy to take the good from a facility like Google and the undoubted benefit it has on many peoples lives and also bash it for doing what it does in order to perform its primary fuction.

Webmasters who are not savvy enough to work to best practice put themselves and their clients at risk. Also is this not a netwide issue concerning all major search facilities??

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