Threads that go south...


Earlier i posted Big Companies that get away with Spamming and asked for some examples.

My intention was to talk about Microsoft and the like getting away with murder when we, the smaller players do not.

I dont always get these things right, my intentions weren't bad i think, but the thread quickly went South, and i aplolgize.

It's closed now :)



Do introduce yourself mate...

Jill, no worries in talking about it - though these things rarely go anywhere...

Would they?

Does spam (as in keyword stuffing) really hurt nowadays when it's "found out"? At least it's not in the most competitive web areas (or all the top players there would rank 1000+). My (educated) guess is that any type of spam is just seem as a non-optimal optimising effort, thus won't contribute to the actual ranking. Now if they were making doorways for - say - "spam killer software" and then redirecting to something else entirely...

Message to former black- and greyhats: "You guys may have turned white- or pinkhat - inadvertently". Sorry about that, I bet it's not what a gangsta wants to hear :-)

BTW - Nick - must say you're very cool about southward threads. Esp. the fact that you leave them on and the "close and comment" thing is highly appreciated.

Jill ...

I would have to disagee with that, if a site was openly reported the way these where they would be removed ..


Instead of examples...

can we still talk about the topic?

I contend that big companies DO NOT receive special treatment at all. There's spam everywhere in the engines, regardless of the size of the company.

What makes anyone think that those big companies are given special treatment as opposed to just not getting caught in the spam traps? Look at all those people who've supposedly reporting sites (small guys) and they never get banned. Aren't they getting special treatment?

I just don't believe there is a special treatment thing going on at all.

Don't sweat the small things.

Don't sweat the small things. Those who have a clue and know you...get it.

As my man Ali G would say

"Respek" ...You run a tight ship here and the fact that you actually listen to the people says a ton...