Google's Search Results Are Stuck in 2005


danah boyd recently noted how old and crusty Google's search results look:

Question: has the quality of Google search gone downhill in the last few months or is it just me? Every time i search for an event-based thing, i get crap from 2005 instead of what's relevant now.

Mostly notable because she noticed it and is well outside of the SEO sphere. If only she were searching for something listed on eBay perhaps she would have got a fresh result or 23.


I haven't searched for

I haven't searched for anything I'm not trying to rank on for a while, but went searching for a particular shoe this week, after getting past the aggregators, ebays and the like I was not able to find them in the first three pages, including the ads.

As they are made by a german company I thought i'd try .de, what a pile of crap like I've never seen before, almost solid ebay & amazon for several pages.

Off to Y i went and found what I wanted on the first page, and Y are not exactly a spectacular search either.

Quote: i get crap from 2005

i get crap from 2005

Hey back off - I did some of my best crap in 2005!

Shopping Sucks

I think shopping with Google sucks. Any time I type in a specific item I'm looking for, I get the same sites popping up with outdated garbage. It's a ton of expired Ebay listings, a bunch of outdated Pricegrabber/Bizrate/ pages, and well....more expired Ebay listings. I'd like to actually see stores that sell the item within the first 5 pages.

It's been like this longer

It's been like this longer than a few months. :)

That's why if you want up-to-date, you have to focus on News and Blog Search.


if that were the case I'd still be #1 for Phentermine, Propecia, dental plans....ah the good old days

Google stopped being fun in

Google stopped being fun in early '06. The way I see it , they have to someday go back to the self-tuning algo of '04-05, but it's safer to serve up second rate results because there's so little competitive pressure.

Everytime I see Matt react to a criticism of a SERP I am reminded how much they value safety over performance.

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