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LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - Leading media executives took a combative tone against Internet companies on Tuesday, suggesting that Big Media increasingly considers new content distributors like Google Inc. to be more foe than friend.

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Founders Note:

I would like to stress that the CEO of Time Warner is an idiot. He used an example where his point goes to defeat.

The Googles of the world, they are the Custer of the modern world. We are the Sioux nation," Time Warner Inc. Chief Executive Richard Parsons said, referring to the Civil War American general George Custer who was defeated by Native Americans in a battle dubbed "Custer's Last Stand".

Custer lost the battle.. but the Sioux Nation lost the war.


He used the wrong military metaphor

They are more like the Maginot Line.


Not a realtive of GWB is he by any chnace :-)


Old Media... Still not understanding the Net.

Isn't this a discussion they (Old Media) should have had some years ago? Seems a little late for any 'discussion' to do them any good now.

As was pointed out; General Custer lost the Battle of Little Big Horn, but his Army won the Indian War and destroyed the Sioux Nation.

As the money continues to flow from Old Media to New Media.. I think you will see the Old Media start to get more desperate, file more law suits, voice more complaints (valid or not) and start to get down right nasty as they realize that they are in fact the Indians and not the Cavalry.

In Defense of Dick

How many times are you gonna hear a woman say that, huh? LOL. But seriously... Everyone has a business Idol and Dick Parsons is mine. Every time I hear him speak, his depth of business knowledge and sense of humor make me even more of a fan. And every time I hear him speak I consider working for them, like when I saw him this weekend on The Wall Street Journal Report. I consider him that impressive. So even if he makes a statement like the one you quoted above, I wouldn't bet against Dick winning the War.*

I must be getting soft in my time off from blogging, eh?

I actually think the quote from that piece that best describes the relationship between New and Old Media is from the COO of News Corp Peter Chernin:

"We're in a world where we're a partner with everybody and we're fighting everybody."

*Dick Parsons has not paid for this positive review - lol

They're just mad because...

All their base are belong to us.

But seriously, this is bound to be heard more often as The Big G gets bigger and more of a threat to the established media moguls. I think it's market-share envy and fear driven yammer. Eventually the issue that Zell brought up the other day will need to be addressed (ie; feeding Google content which it's benefiting from) - 07/08 will likely be a licensing-fest.

Although in general I don't mind the discussion, as keeping an eye on potential monolithic monopolistic entities is worth railing against from time to time...I guess today I'm just in the mood to give Google a :thumbsup on their accomplishments and get back to finishing up a report for a client.

Big media "idiots" have more

Big media "idiots" have more mind share tools at their disposal than google, trickle down could be a b*tch for Eric and his courtroom negotiating crew.

Sabre rattling by confused &

Sabre rattling by confused & wheezy old men. :)

Jeez, I mean - using the Sioux as an example? Considering what they went through, pretty outrageous.

Quote: confused & wheezy old

confused & wheezy old men


More like fully grown, mature sharks, the kind of sharks that eat weaker sharks. The media biz is no walk in the park and whoever got to the top probably ate their way there.

Too bad google has no grownups on board, if they did they wouldn't be making the blunders they are.

A penny will drop

Somewhere, for someone, a penny will drop and they will make several billion dollars solving this problem.

News media are the largest contributors of genuine / trustworthy content online today.

One verses the other - those that own the content will always win online (if they aren't stupid), because content is the product people consume online.

The opportunity is there, it's only a matter of time... and a question of who.

trustworthy content?

A lot of the big media is nothing but war propaganda, corporate blather and cloaked commercialism (promoting new records). If that's your idea of trustworthy content, Dominic, you should get out more.

The internet has enabled us to get real news from around the world. A perfect example is Professor Juan Cole's daily weblog on Middle Eastern events and the Iraq war which offers more genuine and trustworthy content than all three television networks and half the press put together.

Check his coverage of the Lebanon debacle last year.

Sure a search in Google would turn up a bunch of untrustworthy/nonsense sites but once you find the good ones, they are much, much better than big media.

What we need is to drop search (for the most part) go back to the Yahoo directory and notion of editorially curated web content. Digg is one such system. Threadwatch is another (in our SEO sphere). Fark is another. The problem with Digg, Fark and Slashdot is that they can only be trusted so far and in certain areas. A network mini-diggs with individual niches and specific editors could work well. It would be nice to have a common login so that one doesn't have to login at each website to be able to use it.

Forums work inherently in this way, but then one ends up with the free for all again.

The more I think about it the more I like the ThreadWatch model. A site with editors and members. Stories are edited before allowed onsite. I can't stand most SEO forums (so much dross).

Old media I read almost exclusively via trusted voices. Why should I push my way through 120 pages of ads and bilk every day to come up with the two and a half articles which I might want to read if someone else will do it for me?

Spot on ronsard

It comes down to the fact that big media no longer controls publishing of news and that if you are interested in a subject there is almost always better coverage on a specialist site.

"Those that own the content

"Those that own the content will always win online" was the battle cry of AOL and TimeWarner.

trustworthy content?

I recently spoke at a PR firm. On the wall hung various newspaper articles published for their clients.

Read this article
to see how manipulated the news is.

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