Everyone is suing Google and YouTube


US television giant NBC Universal sided with Viacom in a legal campaign to force YouTube to vigilantly filter copyrighted material from its popular video-sharing website.

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Founders Note:
How big was Google's legal fund for YouTube? I think that needs to be upped.. a few months back I called Google's purchase of YouTube a turd and was criticized for it.... Today, I still stand by that statement. Anyone willing to bet that the legal fees over the next 3 years will exceed the purchase price of YouTube?


I am confused..

Is youtube the turd or you? :)

Seriously, this was a bad idea. Along the same lines as a president of a company openly writing on his blog that the DMCA has rules/laws but we will ignore them for our users sake. Both will need to ramp up their legal teams.

Negotiation Tactics

Are these lawsuits just negotiation tactics to get a piece of the action. As this case demonstrates people are willing to watch that stuff on the small screen, the question is can TV stations, and movie companies find a way to work out a revenue model with services like Google to make everybody kind of happy. Sure there will always be people who want stuff for free but as the $0.99 ITunes download shows people will buy entertainment legally as long as the price/value model is right (ie $0.99 per song and I only buy what I like instead of $15 for an album where I like only three songs).

I've been playing with Joost for a few days and it's pretty cool, without all the lame home submissions.

Now that Youtube have some real funding

everyone wants some of the golden pot, over anything! it really wouldn't surprise me if college students tried suing Youtube over 'embarrassing videos'

Graywolf understands. Google

Graywolf understands.

Google is forcing a discussion to take place that would otherwise not take place, and Google owns the only meeting room available. That, alone, was worth the price. Just as it was for Jobs.

> Negotiation Tactics

exactly. eric schmidt recently said just that:

Wired: In March, media giant Viacom sued Google, claiming that YouTube is stealing its video content. What made Viacom decide to go to court?

Schmidt: It’s a business negotiation. We’ve been negotiating with them, and I’m sure at some point we’ll negotiate with them some more.

Negotiation tactics maybe but...

..there are some bigger issues that need to be discussed.

1. Digital Media has completely removed the control over distribution channels that media companies had since the early days of cinema.

2. New generation hardware is now bringing pressure to bear on the means of production of the traditional media companies.

3. User generated content sites have brought this lack of control over distribution into the mainstream (rather than it being in the slightly more techy file sharing arena)

IMHO iTunes is just an attempt to stem the above before it got too far out of hand, which I think is doomed to failure - the future direction of digital media rights and distrubution is far from decided yet.

One of the issues is that the media companies have been using their control over distrubion to make vast profits for years and now they are running scared because the source of those profits (e.g. ordinary consumers) is taking matters into their own hands. The golden goose is being starved and is no longer laying golden eggs.

p.s. with the FA Premier League case, I don't think its a negotiation tactic at all, just their standard modus operandi in protecting their media rights sales revenue.

I'd say that's about it

If I had to venture a guess, I'd say Kali's analysis is just about right.

That, and the traditional media companies see Google as a contender/competitor.

Graywolf is spot on

Negotiation is what this is all about. These companies will NEVER be able to stop their videos from being put up. If it's not Youtube, it's another video site sheltered offshore.

It's in the best interest of both Google and these major media companies to hammer out a deal so that both can be profitable.

Google is being sued because

Google is being sued because they are harming others, nothing else to look at. I'm no fan of "big media" but if G can run over those guys, we may as well turn off the computers and find real jobs.

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