This Just in: NYT Offering The Web's Freshest Search Spam


As Google is leaning more on newspapers, the newspapers are taking more liberty with how they structure their site to be Google friendly. The NYT's internal search result for sex ranks #2 in Google for sex. From John Andrew's post:

Look for (search results) and (archives) showing up in the #1 spot for search phrases, as if the re-published content was “fresh news”. ... Clearly if Google is going to rank “newly published” results as most relevant in a SERP, there is a nice big fat incentive to “re-publish” such archives fairly often.

Will webmasters soon trade in Google news listed domains as they once traded in PageRank?


Just wait

Google's version of Baghdad Bob will be along soon to tell us all that everything is ok and Google will never do evil.

And as if the NYT wasn't bad

And as if the NYT wasn't bad enough, looks like Google are wanting some of the traffic back with their adwords ad...

Pity they make it so obvious

Pity they make it so obvious with their SE variable (SE = Search Engine?) and also a shame they can't code safely. How long before those rankings get hijacked?!

i cant find sex

Either SERP's are in flux, or the NYT page 1 ranking for sex has been handjobbed.

Everything is fine

Don't worry guys, it's just a bad data push.

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