FA Premier League To Sue YouTube


Soccernet are reporting that the FA Premier League is to sue YouTube for allowing highlights of games to be shown.

Given the value of the TV deal for the highlights, they are pursuing both profits made from the showing and damages in a legal action taken out in New York.

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Gimp, were not talking about spamming here.
Intellectual property is still property.
Since when has theft been OK?

Pissed Off - Really Pissed Off

Yes this free for all on text and general IP theft really bugs me.
Copyscape is God.
If its UK and they got some assets I sue if its a full page or more. Never lost yet.
If its less than a full page I turn them over, usually with a report to Trading Standards. Almost every website breaks some rules.
Yeah yeah yeah, I know, my time would be better spent doing something else....or would it?
Stand up and be counted and also get pleasure from retribution and revenge or limp and wimp away and do nothing.

One of the interesting things here is..

.. what is the position with video captured on mobile phones. Can the FA ban video taken by individuals with mobiles? How is this going to be enforced?

Given that the quality of video produced by mobiles and small video recording devices is getting better all the time, can organisations prevent such video being taken and can they ban its distribution. (And even if they do, will it damage their reputation so badly it can't be recovered?)


.but of course the distribution of such material will affect the value of the TV and other media distribution deals the FA have in place with the big media companies (espcially with '3' for distribution of highlights to mobiles on the premium rate services.)

Its another case of technology overtaking/overturning existing business structures and modes of operation.

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