Microsoft Getting Desperate, Garbitrages IntelliTXT


IntelliTXT, which performed poorly here, is now being arbitraged by MSN's in a desperate attempt to gain search volume. John K noticed this, and a new update to Microsoft's terms which state they can target your ad for anything:

We're writing to notify you that your Microsoft adCenter Terms and Conditions are updated. The changes take effect on April 30, 2007.

Some of the key adjustments to your Terms and Conditions include:

  • Microsoft may use matching criteria other than keyword searches to display your advertisements.
  • Microsoft may display your advertisements on its network of advertising channels operated by the Microsoft network of participating websites and other distribution outlets.

MSN's traffic volume was small but fairly pure. If they lose the pureness what do they have left?


They have actually been

They have actually been doing this for several months now, well before the T&C changes. And before Microsoft began doing it, was using Intellitxt to plaster their "Search for ___ on" ads everywhere.

my breakup letter

this is why i wrote my breakup letter to adcenter...

You are looking at 4% market share

MSN / Live is hovering in the single digits in terms of market share, and even then it's all about Brittney Spears baby drama rather than B2B searches. In essence they are not even relevant anymore.

Adcenter is a disaster -- Those guys tried hiring me to sell their crummby product in 2005 .. at the time you couldn't even Bid for keywords.. you just paid a flat rate for a keyword per month... in short the product was horrific and I was told 'in order to work here you need to convince the advertisers that our business model is superior to Google's'

I didn't take the job. No 6 figure income would justify that.

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