Forbes Magazine : Condemned to Google Hell - Aaron Wall Quoted


EDIT: I missed it.. A bunch of Threadwatch Members were quoted..

Don't anger the Google gods. He sold $3 million dollars worth of jewelry a year. Then, he says, Google turned its back on, condemning the site to Internet obscurity.

Which one of you guys freaking did this to him:

In retrospect, Sanar thinks he can trace his problem to a search marketing consultant he had paid $35,000 to improve Skyfacet's Google rankings. He now believes the consultant mistakenly replicated content on many of the site's pages, making them look like duplicate--that is, spam--content. But even after he reversed the consultant's changes, he couldn't get Skyfacet's pages out of Google Hell, where they remain today.

I would love to know the company that did that to his site.. making all sorts of duplicate content and billed him 35 grand to do it.

Then Aaron Shows up in the Article :)

Bartow thinks his misfortune stemmed from a temporary glitch in Google's algorithm. But other search engine marketers say that Google Hell is only increasing in size and severity. "The supplemental index has been on the upswing for quite a while," says Aaron Wall, a search engine consultant and Google-watcher. "They've gotten much more aggressive about throwing pages in there."

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My guess...

is that it was seo company that went out of business.

Could it be...

Perfomics? lol

Search marketer Michael Gray

Search marketer Michael Gray says he's seen the standards "tighten and loosen and tighten and loosen," but the last six months have been particularly brutal. "There has been a lot of collateral damage with some of these decisions," Gray says. He cites the growing sophistication of spam pages as one source of trouble. "Google's trying not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, but it's kind of impossible. A spammer can very easily create something that resembles a legitimate site if he knows the right tricks," he says.

But Jim Boykin, another search marketing consultant and blogger, doesn't buy it. "If your page is in the supplementals, it won't rank for any competitive search, and it can be really hard to get it out," he says. "That's why we call it Google Hell."

Michael (Greywolf) and Jim quoted in there too. Great to see some mainstream press with decent sources for once. +1 for Andy Greenberg and the Forbes researchers.

my guess

Either they went out of business or they went bankrupt.

it can be really hard to get it out

I don't buy that theory. The only way that it might be hard to get out is if the client (or site owner) isn't willing to do what it takes...which is to update the site(pages) with unique content or get additional links.

You can get sites out of the supplemental just takes some work (time and money) that, in many cases, they client(or site owner) isn't willing to spend.

"The only way that it might

"The only way that it might be hard to get out is"

if a site sucks so bad no one wants to link to it.


PR1 - most people get a PR1 just registering the domain, how the heck did that happen?

They appear to be having issues ranking in Yahoo as well so they may be condemned to internet hell in general.

Sorry Graywolf and Jim --

I wanted to apologize for only catching Aaron on there... I was in a rush to get this to Threadwatch :)

Graywolf can now apply for a

Graywolf can now apply for a wikipedia page, right? He's "notable".

Matt commented:

Having urls in the supplemental results doesn’t mean that you have some sort of penalty at all; the main determinant of whether a url is in our main web index or in the supplemental index is PageRank.

Hmmm, thought I already mentioned the site has no PR, internal pages PR0, shocker.

Then he goes on to mention paid links being discounted, excessive reciprocal linking, etc.


>Graywolf can now apply for a wikipedia page, right? He's "notable".

I gotta say that's one of the best things I've heard all day ;-)

Threadwatch Celebrities

Michael, Aaron & Jim in one story. It's a threadwatch trifecta.

Too bad Forbes doesn't give any links...unless you pay a link broker.

We should all join Danny's crusade to get links from mainstream media when they quote us for web related stories. It's time to train reporters to give link love!

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