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Opera enters UI business
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Opera, who already make a browser for mobile, among many other things, are now set to extend that product into the "Opera Platform":

More impressively the browser will feature 'buttons' that take you to the handset's regular applications such as its addressbook. Opera is calling this technology the Opera platform and its major feature will be able to take advantage of techniques such as WAP Push. So, without the user having to do anything, breaking news or new offers from your service provider will appear in the browser. If you're interested, you simply click on the link.

Opera believes that network operators will go for this approach because it will help to drive up their data traffic. The platform will be highly configurable and will give operators the chance to plaster their brand all over the handset.

Opera platform will be able to run on any handset that can run the Opera browser. Hence the INQ saw it running on various Nokias as well as a Windows Mobile based handset.

Please let it be so...


Good News

I think this is good news. It is nyce to see this company still finding a niche even with all the Firefox downloads. They do have good products.

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