Yahoo! Buys Right Media,


In response to Google's purchase of DoubleClick, Yahoo purchased Right Media's ad exchange for $680 million. From Yahoo!'s press release blog post:

We think supply and demand should be regulated by the marketplace, not a closed platform. Right Media provides a democratic model that empowers advertisers with all of these benefits. We think our open approach is a clear differentiator from others in the industry and will provide significant benefits to publishers and advertisers.

One wonders why the Yahoo! Publisher Network is still in beta, why Yahoo! stopped showing bid prices, and why the Panama ad system is US/Canada only if Yahoo! is so into being open. Democracy as a marketing story for search worked...not so sure if it matters for advertising though.


Which new VP inherets the mess?

The guy that probably would have been dealing with some of these integrations is out:

Curious road Yahoo is taking these days.

Democracy in advertising

SEObook I think democracy will be a boon to online ads though you are right to criticize Yahoo's odd behavior with Panama. They missed a lot of early opportunities to make Panama and their advertising networks *more* transparent than Google, which might have won them a lot of admirers and publishers and advertisers, but the game is still in very early stages.

Offline advertising has such pitiful performance measures (most are from agencies and industry groups that have every incentive to exaggerate effects - that I predict the online "democracy" Semel talks about will have very positive effects for publishers and advertisers alike.

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