SEO Company Zunch Files for Bankruptcy


It looks like Zunch Communications filed for bankruptcy:

While clients that stayed on with Zunch Worldwide were not affected, any unsecured creditors were basically hung out to dry, left to muddle through a bankruptcy process that is bound to be fruitless, since the Zunch Communications entity has no assets to speak of, other than the payments that Zunch Worldwide will make over a period of time.

Zunch is spinning this bankruptcy as a part of a larger trend coming to the industry, but others say that's not the case.

If you know SEO and are good at marketing what benefit is there to working for a large firm rather than for yourself, or with a few select partners?

Is the bankruptcy an isolated incident, or will this be a trend for many larger SEO firms worldwide?


Well the 9 months I was there

...there was a lot of fun, we had a freaking awesome team of some the best SEOs. After looking at the filing though especially the amount owed in taxes I hope the IRS brings KY Jelly to my audit :(

Mike and I pwned that Fuzball Table

He speaks the truth. Stellar SEO team there who accomplished much and kept clients profitable and happy with so little to work with till our team's exodus in November '06. I was the last one out the door from the team. It hurts to remember the potential there was and the amount of SEO/SEM brain power we had there and to see it all fade away. I dont know of many other search firms who ever had that many talented people under one roof on one team.

Catch me at SES some time and buy me dinner and Ill spin you a tale full of good and evil, heroes and villans and of greatness and disaster.

Wow. It finally happened.

Wow. It finally happened. The SEO team there was amazing. I'm so happy to have been part of it just because I got to meet and work the most amazing, innovative people.

Before I started there, I was told by someone I trust very much to "run screaming" from the position. I thought long and hard on that advice before I decided to "ride the horse til it dropped" because the people there gave me such a good 'gut' feeling.

That being said, I do not see Zunch's bankruptacy as a sign of things for the industry. There were many issues at the company leading to this collapse that had nothing to do with the industry. It is a rather sad story, I think.

Service Business

Just remember that SEO/Web Design/Search Marketing/web marketing is very much a "service business". In service businesses, the people make the company. And without the people, there is no business.

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