Major Security Breach - WHOIS DB: Passwords Revealed


This came to me via an anonymous source but this is a bit of a concern. On more than one query, very sensitive password data was visible.

The original source added that only certain domains had the breach visible.

Very alarming!

Added by Nick
Confirmed - got sent a few whois queries to try and have seen a whole bunch of user passwords on NetSol - You can Try a Query Here - if your site is registered with NetSol then you may see your passord revealed in the results....


Wonder what determines password leaking

I tried a dozen of my sites that are registered with them, and no password info leaked.

Major NetSol Password Breach

Not exactly SEO/SEM related but this is major enough to mention here. reports on a Major Security Breach - WHOIS DB: Passwords Revealed over at Network Solutions. Basically, if you use NetSol as you register you are/were at risk....