has sma-uk gone ?


sma-uk website no longer live and points to a holding page


maybe one of the sma-uk commitee members would like to explain what has happened ?


Nice find Mick


I went to the last meeting...

The last AGM was held on the same day as SEO Days and a couple of other conferences. The total AGM attendance was 5, maku (who's a SMA-UK member), me (who was planning to be a member), LisaD (who I persuaded to come along), Jason Woodford (who I didn't know but was a bloody nice chap) and Andy Atkins-Kruger (the SMA-UK President).

I couldn't believe the low turn-out, not even the board members attended. I would really like to be part of a UK recognised association for search marketing and was planning to stand for election on the board. Although all the paperwork was in order for SMA-UK (Government recognised trade association etc) there was very little spirit left.

I volunteered to create a new site for them, host it, keep the blog updated and use my contacts in the industry and press to get the association lots of news coverage. I waited for an email with the information I needed to go ahead with this, although never received it. I followed up with an eager email to the President confirming that I'm ready to start work as soon as he can get the information to me, still no reply.

It looks like things have gone in the same direction as SMA-EU, which is a shame not only for the members paying £500 a year for membership - but for the industry as a whole.

I am now planning to set-up a similar UK association with some friends in the industry, let me know if anyone would be interested in helping or joining.

Where did the money

Where did the money go?
Anyone seen accounts published?

The problems with the SMA UK

The problems with the SMA UK site are long-standing and continuous.

I also offered last year to build and host and develop their site for free, with no attribution, just to help everything keep momentum.

While Barry and Mike and Andy have been responsive to emails, the whole project just seems to be lacking momentum.

I don't think it helps that SMA-UK have announced a string of meetings this year, rather than one larger event that would help justify attendance.

Overall, SMA-UK seems a project where those most needed to provide leadership are least able to due to other commitments, so it's hard not to be optimistic about long-term prospects.

They've had two subscriptions from me, but I doubt there'll be any further.

another site down

http://www.sma-eu.org/ is also displaying a fine example of domain holding pages, includins searches for MP3's,shopping, and food.

back again - temporary

back again - temporary outage or temporary restoration?

SMA-UK - Next Meeting 16th May IAB-UK

Thanks for flagging that up - I wasn't able to replicate the error - but I'm in touch with the company which currently donates the hosting to check that everything is OK.

The next meeting of the SMA-UK is at the IAB UK on 16th May which is an open meeting and all members are cordially invited to attend.

I'm very grateful for the offers from Brian and Evilgreenmonkey - and do plan to take you both up on this in some way as with all energy shown by the people involved in the SMA-UK.

On the SMA-EU - I agree it was a shame that didn't go anywhere - but for information it went to working group stage and never made it to a formal association.

might want to pay a host

might want to pay a host instead of using donated stuff if it does that sort of disappearing act. the funny thing is their lander page while your site was down was talking about their ethical marketing services.

shakes head in utter disbelief

Andy, seeing as your a web based organisation pitching at web based companies would it not be a good idea to at least keep the website up to date with any planned meetings, the last update to the web site for any news/meetings is dated August 2005, there is nothing on the site relating to the meeting last month and the meeting booked for 16th may

why is that so ?

and now we find out the hosting is given as a favour, for fuck sake in the last 2 years the subscriptions must be in excess of 20k and its on FREE hosting, it does not look professional Andy

what are you going to say next, that there is no money in the pot ?

Free hosting is fucking

Free hosting is fucking shoddy when 1and1 will do you hosting for the cost of a couple of pints a month.

On the other hand ...

... the free hosting is probably better than 1 and 1 :)

... the free hosting is

... the free hosting is probably better than 1 and 1 :)

He's got a point, I wouldn't even put my spam sites on 1&1 :D

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

I wouldn't even put my worst enemies sites on 1&1 hosting, that's just cruel and unusual punishment.

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