Google Mixing More News Sites in Their Search Results

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Via SEL comes news of Google placing even more emphasis on the news. Instead of placing news articles in a OneBox Google will be listing them even more frequently in the search results.

Shortly, news results will no longer be inserted into web pages using a OneBox format. Instead, they will be blended into the regular search results (we can't yet show you how this looks, because the changes are still going live -- more on this below).

Net winners: those who are good at public relations, sites in Google News, and media companies selling advertorials.

Net losers: those with old trusted sites or niche sites, especially in seasonal markets where the media blasts stories about the currently hot event.


Google needs to up the

Google needs to up the stakes with these publishers to maintain the status quo, hoping the added traffic will serve as the narcotic needed to insure a gaggle of google traffic junkies.

No doubt the new algo is inspired by the likes of Sam Zell making a bit of sense in re: the relationship between news organizations and google.

Tolerated use may just become a bit more tolerable.

The problem is it is not a sustainable model, at some point the junkie goes into dysfunction. The pusher man can win (kind of).

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