Weblogs Inc courting a little VC Funding? [update]

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Oh My Goshe
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UPDATE: and now lunch with Meckler - see comments...

Maybe im jumping the gun but when Calacanis has lunch with Fred Wilson i can't help but jump wildly to conclusions...

Look for Weblogs Inc getting a few more $$$'s shortly i reckon - Mark Cuban of 2929 is already into the company, that owns blog properties such as Engadget, in a large way...


Fred Wilson

Unfortunately Jason is making too much money to need mine!


So you were there for the pitch huh? :-)

Do introduce yourself Fred, and welcome to Threadwatch!

It was not a pitch... it was sushi

It wasn't a pitch and we're not raising money. Fred and I are very old friends and we were trading some notes on the space, but we are NOT looking for money right now. We're looking to BUILD right now. VC money is for suckers, revenue is for WINNERS!


best j


For the clarification, but it's really not that big a deal Jason, just idle speculation... and introduce yourself this time round mate, it's the done thing round these here parts heh..



Lunch with Fred Wilson, breakfast with Alan Meckler - what's that phrase about protesting too much again?


It's just food!

I also broke bread with Nick Denton and five other people this week... media companies, billionaires, bloggers, advertisers, titans of business, etc. That's what I do... that's my job... talk to people, figure out where to go next.

I think i'm going to publish my calendar going forward... it's getting to hard to do meeting with everyone having a blog!!!!

best j

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