Google Wants Reports of Paid Links ... What a Joke


Matt Cutts, spinning as he may, recently posted hate about paid links (while using the word deceptive and kindly grouping paid links with hidden links), hate about sponsored themes, and requested feedback on paid links.

First he starts with a warning:

As long as we’re talking about links, this seems like a pretty good opportunity to talk about a simple litmus test for paid links and how to tell if a paid link violates search engines’ quality guidelines. If you want to sell a link, you should at least provide machine-readable disclosure for paid links by making your link in a way that doesn’t affect search engines. ... I wanted to give a heads-up because Google is going to be looking at paid links more closely in the future.

Then he asks for help:

As far as the details, it can be pretty short. Something like “ is selling links; here’s a page on that demonstrates that” or “ is buying links. You can see the paid links on” is all you need to mention. That will be enough for Google to start testing out some new techniques we’ve got — thanks!

I can't believe it is anything more than a plublicity stunt and mind control exercise.

Google sells AdWords ads for companies selling text links. If they don't like the practice why not start the cleanup at

Google is still indexing those lolita preteen results, ranks all these .edu ringtone pages, and lets not forget that Google continues to deliver AdSense ads on sites they banned for being spam. If Google doesn't CLEARLY mark their own paid links, encourages publishers to blend them into content, and doesn't police their own network, why do they think they have the right to police other sites?

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Sheep's Clothing

And thus it came to us in sheep's clothing and we all followed as lambs, then it revealed itself and it was too late...

we were all up to our necks in it by then... and had no choice but to follow...

Quote: This was destined to

This was destined to be a highly controversial subject, and the moment Matt wrote it, he must have realised the impact and feeling that would be generated throughout the community.

Or that was objective A and all the types of paid links we're discussing are now on a chalk board at the Googleplex.

Oh well lets throw in..

.. all the links bought through corporate PR campaigns. I can really see Google banning loads of corporate sites because their marketing departments have instigated PR campaigns aimed at generating online links.

.. or do they think that because your uncle is Harvard professor who'll give you a link from his departmental home page, that this link is any less commercial than someone buying links from an A-List blog.

.. or are the tabloid style shock headlines, that get people to link based on sheer controversy a sensible way forward, personally I think not.

Remove the paid links and you have an index that is ruled by nepotism and tabloid journalism - Which is your biggest nightmare Google?.

>how they will find out

>>how they will find out what’s paid for and what isn’t when it’s done in a clandestine manner.

Google will come up with an automated profile of a paid link. Sure innocent sites will get burned by Google as collateral damage but I don't think Google cares. Just like they don't care about the damage they are doing to the web by not policing the proliferation of made for Adsense pages. They got theirs and the rest of the web can go scratch.

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