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Outage blamed on 'data center' issue
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I felt crippled by todays outage. Messenger is my vital communication tool when working with many freelancers across many just doesn't cut it anymore.

The latest outage comes days after security monitors discovered the Bropia worm was using MSN Messenger to spread. The Microsoft spokeswoman denied the outage was caused by the worm.


Total bastard

Yeah, it's been a total bastard SG, to top it all off we even had a 2hr total internet shutdown here in dk the other morning - been a bad few days for communication all round heh...

I prefer aim, but a lot of my contacts are on msn and it's been a bitch trying to talk to them...

Feeling cut off

Yea, same here. It gets worse though. We have broadband phone, 11 area codes, and when the internet goes down those go down as well.

We have had almost 24 hours of down time since the last week of January. Hell.

Not to mention losing all you

Not to mention losing all your customers if you do your own hosting. And in a geographically distributed company like ours everyone uses the same resources (email/database etc). If they are down it's bad, big time.

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