Mobile Adult Content to top $1bn this Year

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Adult Industry to Net US$1bn From Mobile Phone Users in 2005
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Juniper Research are predicting that mobile adult content will top the $1bn mark this year - most of the wan.. er.. customers will come from Europe and Asia while the US lags behind as in most things mobile.

Report author, Dr. Windsor Holden, said, "At the present time, the size of the U.S. market is extremely limited because customers are used to downloading content through the portal of their network operator, and the network operators are reluctant to offer adult content for fear of a regulatory or consumer backlash. But in the medium term, customers will become increasingly adept at browsing wireless internet sites operated by aggregators or other independent providers, with the result that overall revenues will show a significant increase."

I have to say, the whole adult thing on a mobile just baffles me. Why anyone would want to view porn on a mobile is quite beyond me...


Pay as you go sim cards

Have a quick barclays bank, change your sim card and no one will know you have been looking at adult stuff, Well thats what I have been told anyway hehe :)

English as she is spoken


What's the betting that a North American will ask what a Barclays Bank is :-)

Won't be this North American.

Won't be this North American. The study of rhyming slang is required in a good number of language programs. ;)

Got the bank part, but not ab

Got the bank part, but not able to place the barclay's part... either way, WTF is up with people and their porn? As if they don't have enough forms of it already ;-)

Mobile Porn

Guess those hands free gadgets take on a whole new meaning now!

An old saying in the UK

cockney ryming slang
Barclays Banker = Wanker

a plea from the heart


is it really the porn?

or is it the illicit nature of it. The more "controls" you impose on personal freedoms, the more individuals will seek out ways to secretly bypass them...being naughty, defiant, rebellious. In many ways it's a self gratification thing (and I'm not talking Barclay's). I got away with it, I got mine, I did it anyway, you couldn't stop me, you don't even know about it, etc.

Remember Soylent Green? Strawberry jam was orgasmic. Maybe we need to outlaw kindness?

Thoughts from a Septic Tank.

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