302 Hijacking Returns to a Google SERP Near You


It looks as though 302 hijacking is back. From a meta refresh I am also seeing MSN Spaces Soundblog ranking where Technorati should be here.


It's not like Google weren't

It's not like Google weren't warned!


Damn google, can't you take care of this 302 Hijack issue once and for all? Yahoo has... What the hell is wrong with you guys?

As far as I can see the 302 hijacking issue in google never went completely away and it won't until someone with some power at the Plex decides that they can't fix the 302 hijack problem by using comparative algorithms.

Had this happen to a client

Had this happen to a client a few weeks back - he uploaded to a shopping comparison site which happened to use 302's, and promptly replaced his site in the SERPs. I couldn't believe this could still be a problem for Google.

It's not HTTP 302 Redirection

I just looked at http://soundblog.mobile.spaces.live.com/rdr.aspx?id=24ldlo1KEGZ6TJXAE1AxKfsu6sTqOpscYpMP9sXDCvA3Xe!zcLBYj386E2H8ROUT*jX6jbSpIwAO0$&ei=OWEeRu67F5KMgAKkxvGmCA&usg=__opmHzbo_2Izrlwd39FMkhyBSSvg=&sig2=Yud4xGN4f1zLTuFGy8sCzg, which does redirect to Technorati, but NOT with HTTP 302 redirection. It's accomplishing the redirection with a meta-refresh.

Here's the code:

Yep, had that happen with

Yep, had that happen with meta refreshes a couple of years ago and still see it. Same effect.

so its 302s and meta refresh

so its 302s and meta refresh causing hijacks...even worse. updated the post

Just for the record it isn't

Just for the record it isn't the soundblog's fault nor even MSN's. They are doing nothing wrong and I have seen no evidence of actual intent of a hijack, this is simply a bad algo (domain status heavy) balanced with dodgy canonical issues and correct owner identification.


The meta refresh redirect has NEVER went away or even slowed down from what I've seen. Most of those meta refresh redirects (javascript) come from cracked sites and not from outside the domain like the 302 issue.

The 302 hijack is a different issue from the meta refresh redirect, or at least I think it is.

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