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Linux Virgins
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OMG, this is waaay too funny! Gizmodo point out Linux Virgin - a site where, you can follow the progress of two charming young ladies as they attempt to set up a linux box whilst losing their clothes...

Clearly open source marketing at it's best and as Gizmodo said:

Ooh, that's right—just a little more thermal paste right there. Yeah, right on the proc.

Very, very funny :-)



They do seem to be suffering a little server load.. heh

And we tell everybody linux is faster....

And we tell everybody linux is faster....

take it slow

But, with virgins you need to take your time.
( I can here the BOOs pouring in )

my first time

i had no idea my first time would be so much fun


Were you one of the girls in the movies Karla? It was damn funny, and your bandwidth bills must be through the roof heheh...

Do introduce yourself here er.. and tell us which one you were...

<good job Ivana is to busy to read here much heh..>

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