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What Websites Do to Turn On Teens
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I've never built a site with Teens in mind but knowing that some of you have this might be of interest: Wired are talking about what visual and interactive elements sites should pay attention to in order to capture a younger audience. Content aside, some of the things the story has to say are pretty interesting:

Nielsen explained that the best interactive elements include message boards, polls, quizzes, the ability to ask questions of experts, and tools that let teens construct their own web pages.

Another element teens find attractive is the use of photographs and images that relieve text of the burden of communicating ideas, but that don't weigh down a page. And while adults don't like cluttered web pages or too much writing either, he added, they are significantly more tolerant of a heavier text-to-images ratio.

Teens are also much less willing than adults to stick around websites with useful content but poor presentation, Nielsen said.

The report they're talking about (which i couldn't locate?) is the one that sparked all the pants wetting excitement about teens not being as savvy as adults on the web - well forgive me if i pay that only passing mention, it's boring as hell and patently obvious to boot.

If you have built sites for the teen market, do tell us about your experiences...


Teen sites

Actually I am working on a site right now with my kids (9&12)... they each have blogs and are writing their opinions on something they both enjoy... plan on building it a little more... and then launching... will keep you informed.
The plus is as a market kids are all about clicking... so they potential for having them as an audience that helps make you money is good.

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