Netscape: Your Source for Lolita Preteen

9 comments, once a well respected website, has fallen so far that they arbitrage Google's organic search results for keywords like lolita preteen. Perhaps good for their pageviews and ad sales, but wrong all round, IMHO.

Some other sites are doing it too, but they just can't compete with Netscape's authority.



I would think this is more Google's fault for indexing and ranking Netscape SERP pages.

I'm not too familiar with

I'm not too familiar with the organic arbitrage of search results, but are they actively making these pages live? Or is this Google simply indexing pages via their toolbar?

No Ads

I could be wrong, but I don't see any ads on the cached page. Could it be that they want those visitors to start calling Netscape home?

Or maybe it's site that rank on those pages in Netscape pushing those pages into the index - similar to blog spam that points to DMOZ poker pages.

Thanks for mentioning this,

Thanks for mentioning this, Aaron; I'll pass it on. Indexing web search results like this isn't a good user experience.

search results

Didn't Google recently say that they don't index search results? Or am I mistaken?

Not exactly

They said "don't make your SERPs crawlable" ;)

your're right

You're right, Sebastian, maybe Netscape should read this.

Off Topic

OT: Did anybody analyze the power of links on SERP-like pages, including linked and crawlable "SERPs" for navigational purposes, recently? I going to believe this kind of IBLs sunk in Google's scoring.

more of the same

technorati is doing the same stuff, really

also see the Netscape lolita preteen search results ranking as strong as ever.

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