AOL to Sell AdWords Ads Directly


Do you run a B2C site and find AdWords prohibitively expensive? If so, the news of AOL selling a white labeled version of AdWords has to be appealing:

AOL Search Marketplace, a customized version of AdWords, now lets advertisers reach AOL Search customers more effectively, AOL said.

The service will help AOL capture advertising dollars from ads linked to search terms in text, in addition to the money it makes from display ads, such as banners.

This is why the push for DoubleClick is so important. More big networks are going to sell ads directly. Google knowing what they are making and how to price their inventory is key to prevent a fall of all the major content sites in the AdSense networks.


This is good news for

This is good news for anyone. We quit buying Google Search Networks traffic due to all the BS traffic and its countless high quality domains were sending. Too many to block...

Hopefully AOL will be easy to work with, and allow shady folk like myself the ability to advertise there.

Good news

The "search network" has gotten real bad with click fraud. There are only a couple search properties in the search network worth buying these days anyway, and with Ask and AOL now available direct, there is really not much need to leave it on anymore.

easy to work with...

piece of cake - it's just a relabeled Adwords interface. You can export your campaigns from Adwords and upload straight away to AOL without changing anything. you can even use adwords editor etc.

My gut is that it still all goes through Google for editoral etc. I can't imagine AOL staffing up for that.

anyone know where the login

anyone know where the login panel is for the search ads. bad marketing by them to not get that out (unless they were opening it up to advertisers who are already big spenders there first)

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