phpBB Hacked - Developers Locked Out

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phpBB Site Cracked, Developers Locked Out
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Whoooah... as if recent phpBB problems and vulnerabilities weren't bad enough it now looks like the main server and one of the largest web communities on the net (about 150,000 support forum users) has been hacked via Awstats.

The developers have been locked out and cannot access the server even in single user mode according to the netcraft report threadlinked above.

Bad news...


Where is the Complete backup?

That is deffinately not good news for phpBB and AWStats. The admin must not have gotten the memo about the AWStats vulerability. Might be time to get the most recent complete backup(prior to the hack) and restore it.

Now might be a good time to check with my host to see if they got the memo.

Good point

Brian, are we covered for this Awstats thing?


The build here should be fine according to the Awstats security notice. Still, do ensure you regularly back-up your TW database. :)

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