Banner blindness getting worse


The study at showed that ads which are aggressive, are not effective. Advertisements that blended in and looked like a site content performed significantly better than ads that stood out from the rest of the page.

Check out:


Interesting findings

I knew I hated red blinking buttons for a reason. :)


It is just easier to create ad, which stands out from the site than to create something, which because of fun, simplicity, interesting layout or marketing tagline is going to be effective.

AdWords Success

This is why AdWords is so popular and successful.


You are right. I am wondering why they have changed the background colour of ad, which is listed above the search results to yellow. I suppose it is not a good idea..

CTR is useful if you're

CTR is useful if you're selling space on a CPM basis. I would rather make a "splash" on a page and really let the surfer KNOW what they are clicking. I think a very strong call to action to click something is important and also something that indicates "I AM REDIRECTING YOU TO A BLUE WIDGETS SITE" kinda message (well not so blunt perhaps.)

Good article and experiment, needs to go through to final sale, deposit, or some sort of termination. Although some ads may have a lower CTR they may actually convert better to a sale ;)

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