YouTube Hails to the King


Not an Elvis Presly related issue, one in Thailand. Apparently YouTube is blocked there. Via the WSJ:

"It's a serious case of lèse-majesté," said Mr. Sitthichai, using the legal term for the crime of offending the monarchy. "We asked Google to remove it some days ago, but they refused to."

While YouTube is being hailed as copyright infringement paradise, many of the companies bitching about them own similar services.


Insulting the king

Here would get you the same reaction as burning the American flag while walking down the street in the states. The clip sounds like a spoof/re-enactment of the Swiss man who just the other day got 10 years for “lèse-majesté” for spray painting over pictures of the King

Full story here

Here in Phuket

I'm here and I can't access youtube, that's for sure. Running opera and it does the opera site check, then.....nothing. Now where is that Tor networkconnection laying about?

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