Matt Cutts April Fool or Stupidity


Matt's Blog hacked or Not..

Sorry Matt but either way If you were Hacked then I'm sorry, but if it's a April the 1st Joke, Then bad taste,


a) you post you upgrade your wordpress
"I upgraded my WordPress installation from 2.0.x to 2.1.x tonight, and I’m a little grumpy"

b) then you post things looking a little screwy, yep lay the the Bait or truth ??? then you are hacked ??

My site has been acting a little slow and weird today. I checked my logs, and I’m seeing a lot of GET requests causing strange errors. Most of the requests have escaped Unicode characters, but they don’t appear valid. Sorry that the site is kinda slow; I’m going to be away from the computer until around late Monday, so I don’t have time to check it now, but I’ll try to track it down when I get back.

c) Now the fun beings, I get two emails on the lines .. Dave, has Matt been Hacked, is it wordpress !!! We are rolling back just in case. Great I THINK, second email wasn't so good, Blog database has been corrupted no backup sorry Dave..

d)Do we email WP, have they had a zero day exploit or is this just a Crazy April 1st joke..... AT WORDPRESS's Expense.

e) Linkbait, Joke or Hacked .. ??



Agreed - Bad joke, could

Agreed - Bad joke, could have been thought through a little better.

'fraid I just don't get the whole april fool thing though.
If it wouldn't be a 'funny trick' the rest of the year, what makes it funny on 1st April?

Guess I am getting old(er) and (more) cynical.

I joke is one thing, but if

I joke is one thing, but if it caused people to bugger up their systems with unneeded roll-backs due to non existent exploits then that isn't as funny.

4eyes, yes you are cynical, but you always were :-)

shoe on the other foot

IF Wordpress thought a good april fools day joke was to say that they had upgraded their adwords account to the new CPA deal and now their Google Adwords account was been accessed and people where changing the landing pages to instead of wordpress, and when they tried to opt out, adwords lost all their data, that would be funny if people started opting out of adwords,, wouldn't it ??


You're right, it's a

You're right, it's a terrible joke with far reaching and devastating consequences. Another example was my brother burning his nose while trying to sniff the BBC website.

enjoy ..

I guess I never poked around before.


Dave This is Why .........

This is why I commented elsewhere here that I believe it a real hack.
Matt's blog is so high profile that this reflects badly on Wordpress, potentially, and Matt would not do that I believe.
Also Google's own SERPS for anything on his site are now screwed, again not something he would do.

I have been surprised at the lack of comment about this, my guess is that many simply do not want to appear to have been fooled either way.

The other thing that occurred to me was:
If it is a real hack, was it actually the Dark SEO Team ?

very odd

Ime leaning to the real hack now as its still up.

The 2.11 wp was a fix for a known exploit so quite why he was moaning about the update ime not sure.

"Dark SEO Team " if there is such a team bit stupid to be so highprofile as thay are now realy on G's shitlist.

The revenge

Look at :

Defaced by Matt ! I ownz you, Dark seo team !

first google data storage, rulezz noo ?

Of course I'm lying when I make everyone believe that content is King.
Of course black hat SEO and spamdexing are the only Kings.
Google is just a stupid algorithm relying on spammy backlinks.
But you guys had no right to let everyone know. That's why I defaced your bloody DST site. To show the entire world how evil a white hat can be.

In fact, I'm as evil as my employer ;-)
All your backlinks are belong to us !

Head of the Google's Webspam team
[Analyse d'audience]

Innocent until proven guilty?

Give him chance to comment on this before you hang him.
Has it now gone on a little too long to be a joke?
Would he really link to a bad neighbourhood if thats what DarkSeoTeam are and where have I heard this style of language before
"All your backlinks are belong to us."

I have been surprised at the

I have been surprised at the lack of comment about this, my guess is that many simply do not want to appear to have been fooled either way.


if it's an april fools, it's lame on so many levels - so I'm not going to promote it
if it's real I don't endorse hackers - so I'm not going to promote it

Either way no one's getting a link from me.

I tend towards it being real, but I didn't see it until this morning and I may have thought differently yesterday. Whichever, Matt just needs to take it down asap and we can all stop sounding like cuttletts :)

If WP guys were Google...

... and became a victim of a similar "joke" or whatever, guess how many milions the lawsuit would cost Matt?

Hacked - yea right

look at it this way people... if your site was hacked like that.. would it still be displaying the hacked message 2 days later, or would you just pull the plug.. throw in 404 or just a static page, or something other than a hacked message...

Or would you just keep it the way it is for days on end?

Matt wouldn't do that...

I can't imagine Matt defacing his own blog or other people sites just for the sake of a "Crazy April 1st joke".

Hmm - I think its a good way...

... of stopping all comments on the blog while Matt takes a well earned holiday :)

The "hackers" were nice

The "hackers" were nice enough to leave in the Google Analytics code.

Yep I think he would take it

Yep I think he would take it down or correct it by now if it was a real hack.

Also, as Score pointed out in the other thread - he's been digging all these stories.

I can see Matt M being a bit annoyed at this. But then again he probably still owes G a few favors after his 'advertising experiment' last year. They gave him the full BMW treatment as I remember :)


...but you're all sourpusses. Anyone thinking this was for real and taking panicky action should think long and hard before going on with their web biz IMV. Tsk.

If it was an April Fools joke

If it was an April Fool's joke, I think he could have done better. With his position in the community, there are a myriad of ideas he could have gone with that would have been funnier. Who knows though? I'm still leaning toward April Fool's joke simply because of the timing.

Remember this, it always

Remember this, it always seemed a weird day to launch something

Matt is back :-)

I see Matt's blog in business again. Guess Matt will tell us soon what had happend.

Well sort of back

Well sort of back

Warning: main(/usr/www/####/####/blog/wp-content/advanced-cache.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /usr/www/users/cutts/blog/wp-settings.php on line 84

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Apparently it was an April fool's joke... who'd have thought it.

Surprise, surprise....

Here's his recap (might not work directly though due to some errors) but if not read it from the homepage.

No, my blog was not hacked — it was April Fool’s Day!

nothing to do with going over board

bad taste and nothing funny about it


I stand by my earlier comment.

I bet that all of you guys/gals complaining now are actually pissed off at him for not getting 'mentioned' on that page. Well boohoo - neither was I.

Wit, I even put a shout out

Wit, I even put a shout out to "davenator". I would have thought that was silly enough that Dave would get it in an instant; Jen saw right through it when I sent props to "the canadian crew::J&T" (Jen and Todd).

Sorry I'm So Late

Only just now escaped from rewiring the septic tank. What a bunch of ponces - bad taste, pah. Cut some slack, better this than MSN telling us yet again that they are rilly, rilly, rillly serious about search or the like.


mat, I really liked the TiSP

mat, I really liked the TiSP one that Google did this year. Better than the last couple years or so, in my opinion.

I thought you changed your

I thought you changed your identity to "vonageguy"

Matt selling phone service now?

sure most of us saw through it Matt...

but the majority of your readers likely didn't. and to all those people it just made WP look bad.


>>>"bad taste and nothing funny about it"


Text Links

I think Matt should have put up text links on his blog as his April Fool's day joke.


Sorry mate, it's about as funny as an autogenerated mesothelioma article.

I wanted to pick something

I wanted to pick something that would only affect my site; sorry if folks didn't enjoy the joke.

vonageguy looks stressed, hardball. :)

Guess This Answers the Question:

"Why would anyone hack their own site?" And now we see how people might draw the conclusion that someone might hack their own site as linkbait... Great example Matt.

Lighten up

The reactions here from people who had to know it was a joke are almost as sad as the Cuttlett's panicked cries for Adam to call Matt.

You know what they say, Matt. "If they can't take a joke..."

Well DUH...

If you couldn't tell it was an April Fool's joke you should run, do not walk, to your nearest orthopedist and have them examine your funny bone.

I was quite amused, not knee-slapping funny, but smirk worthy.


...If you couldn't tell it was an April Fool's joke you should run, do not walk, to your nearest orthopedist and have them examine your funny bone...

it's always that "what if" that plagues people, like last week when google tweaked the geo targeting,,, if you didn't notice it then you should see an orthopedist

While on the subject of DUH...

>>If you couldn't tell it was an April Fool's joke...
Most people with half a brain figured that it was probably a joke. Or an attempt at one. The lower down the funny scale it is the more people think it's too sad to be a joke.

I hope I never come across your orthopedist - he may modify my funny bone to laugh at David drum-roll-hands-waving-now-all-you-idiots-have-the-cue-to-laugh Letterman, or a distinctly low-brow, unimaginative, slapstick, half-hearted Matt Cutts' "hack". I applaud the sentiments, Matt, and I know you have a good sense of humour. May it influence you next year :)


I think we all know Matt has a sense of humor, just look at how he dresses. ;-)

However, after dealing with more hacked sites than I care to remember, I find no humor at all in his prank.

Sorry Matt, nothing personal, I just think you laid an egg this year.

Just look at how he dresses....

Is it true he traded that Mexican outfit for pink stockings?


>>>Is it true he traded that Mexican outfit for pink stockings?

I'll be able to show you after I figure out how to get a webcam hooked up to that free google Toilet Wifi.

teensy issue -

it was 18 hours too long to be an april fools - after lunch you have to 'fess up or suffer the consequences. In this case mass hysteria and stampedes.

Oh go and look at yourselves in a new light.. was a FUCKING Aprils fools joke, no more no less, yes it could have been done better but....

would you rather be..

up against a machine with no human face whatsoever...

or would you rather be..

..up against something that can understand the human component of any problem..

(p.s. I ain't no google hugging Corporate SEO type like others here)


"it's always that "what if" that plagues people"

Dude, at least you got a shout out in his hack page while I got shit.

OK, at least I "got it", which appears to be more than most ;)

up against a machine with no

up against a machine with no human face whatsoever...

or would you rather be..

..up against something that can understand the human component of any problem..

Its not an either/or though, is it.

I'd rather be up against someone with a real sense of humour who thinks things through before acting.

But if it was an either/or, I'd go for the 'machine with no human face' as I'd be able to trust its statements more :)


I got it in a second of seeing it, the head of marketing at xyz corp blue chip company Didn't


was the seo site in on the

was the seo site in on the joke?

Not sure its cool to accuse someone of a hack joke or not, first impressions being what they are.

SEO BAD! I don't think it was some little home made deal, too much message in there.

I think it was superb and

I think it was superb and anyone that disagrees with me is either thick, has no sense of humour or is so paranoid that they really beleive the world is out to get them!


Sourpusses the lot of them. Or have I said that already?

I'm all three

>>I think it was superb and anyone that disagrees ... is either thick, has no sense of humour...

Oh to have half a wit to find hilarious the hugely yawn inspiring tom-foolery that doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of ever growing up to become funny. :)


there was this dyslexic alcoholic who walked into a bra...

Three old men are talking

Three old men are talking about their aches, pains and bodily

One seventy year old man says, "I have this problem. I wake up every
morning at seven and it takes me twenty minutes to pee."

An eighty year old man says, "My case is worse. I get up at eight and
I sit there and grunt and groan for half an hour before I finally have
a bowel movement."

The ninety year old man says, "At seven I pee like a horse, at eight I
crap like a cow."

"So what's your problem?" asked the others.

"I don't wake up until nine."

Heh - happens to the best of us


... half a wit ...

I don't like that remark for some reason:

LOL, Wit.

It wasn't for you, it was in response to the "thick" comment.

But, for the record, may I state that there is no plot to cut you down the middle...

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