High Street Bank Tests Bluetooth Ad Delivery or HSBC Spams Pedestrians


From This Is London, HSBC may be spamming you soon.

The Bank says

HSBC says feedback from customers and passers-by has been 'positive' but The Mail on Sunday found a more lukewarm reception among shoppers

A Pedestrian says

Sarah Thomas, 36, of Finchley, North London, said: "I get enough spam on email and in the post - the last thing I want is messages coming up while I'm walking down the street.

If other banks and shops follow HSCB's Footsteeps walking through the hightstreet would get quite annoying


what would be funny..

If you found the hotspot and just , and blue toothed stuff like HSBC we are expensive, voted worse bank by bluejackers..

it's spam

etc etc


The mobile marketers have to make ads opt-in, permission marketing. The Mail offered up a whopping two 'person in the street' responses?

Two more from the site:

Cool! It would be good if the messages could be personailsed - I know I could always ignore anything and to be honest I really don't mind this sort of marketing - gives you something to do when walking around and who knows I could get that deal of a life time!

- Andrew, Isle fo Man

It's no different to hearing adverts on the radio. Except it could be more fun and more relevant (this is location specific). To receive one of these messages, your phone has to be set to "Bluetooth Discoverable". Just as you turn off the radio when you don't want to listen to the DJ (or the ads) you can switch your mobile to "Bluetooth Discoverable Off" and not be bothered by Bluetooth ads. Easy!

Yeah now try and post something contra to their views

... Social media - shite - make it look like people support your ideas rather than having people support your ideas!!

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