Matt Cutt's blog hacked by Dark SEO Team


Matt Cutt's blog has been hacked tonight by the Dark SEO Team.

Before his site was hacked, he posted about some slowness:

My site has been acting a little slow and weird today. I checked my logs, and I’m seeing a lot of GET requests causing strange errors. Most of the requests have escaped Unicode characters, but they don’t appear valid. Sorry that the site is kinda slow; I’m going to be away from the computer until around late Monday, so I don’t have time to check it now, but I’ll try to track it down when I get back.

Matt says he is away until late Monday. Does anyone know how to get in touch to let him know?

In case it's back up, here is screen shot.




That's a shame.

It says, "nous sommes le proprietaire de toi"

which roughly translates to "we are the owner of you".

Come on in guys - I'm away

"I’m going to be away from the computer until around late Monday"
Kind of an invitation to the burglars.....
He needs a dog.

april fools

it's an april fools joke


Yack. Sincerely hope it is,

Yack. Sincerely hope it is, but pretty convincingly looking hack.

Just hope Matt hasn't lost any data.

Check the names

Check the names on the bottom of the hacked page :)



Sort of look familiar.

Ah, so it *is* a joke.

Ah, so it *is* a joke. Couldn't fathom that spamhuntress would legitimately be part of a hack. :)

Earl+Duke, Monkeyboy, Z-man,

Earl+Duke, Monkeyboy, Z-man, pentazilla. (LOL)

I'm sure that he got the names from a "who's famous list". Fab job tho (risking to sound like a Cuttlet here). As I said elsewhere: best one I've seen so far. Kudos.

Calling Adam Lasnik!!!

Adam must know how to reach Matt. C'mon Adam do :-)

This is very annoying. To see somebody defacing other people properties isn't funny at all.

Matt had just updated WP yesterday, and it seems there is a security bug in the new version of WP.

Fake Twitter

Looks like they set up a fake twitter account as well


Ha, take a look at the HTML comments...

PR9 since 99. MaDD LoVe to e&o. Peace out.

Mr Cutts has even resisted the urge to NOFOLLOW the DarkSEO link...


Look at Matt's last two Diggs - hmmmm....

Hold the Date

If you're a Cuttlet who just can't get enough of his Mattness be sure to hit Louisville for the very first Cutts Con on November 31st.

He, he, good go, Matt.

How many Cuttlets would fork

How many Cuttlets would fork over money today to get the discounted Pre-Registration rate?

double standards

and this is a worthwhile thread?


Yep. Just like growing a sense of humor can be worthwhile, or ignoring things like April Fools Day can save you some grief if you simply must consume only those things that are 'worthwhile'.

so let me get this straight...

... some people thought this was for real? Come on, keep up.


...I rather think that some people tried to keep it alive. I doubt if they thought it was real.

Arrrghhh or did I just think that your thinking it was for real was for real while instead it was not. Shame on me. I'm such a muppet.

I rather think that some

I rather think that some people tried to keep it alive. I doubt if they thought it was real.

Oh that's right, give them an out ;)

I love the Darkseoteam's site

it says 'defaced by Matt Cutts' LOL

It was pretty comical to see April Fools Jokes like this.

DarkSEOTeam v2

Didn't they try this before:

this must be Matt teaching

this must be Matt teaching us all the value of link baiting

Check the code

If you click on the link "Dark SEO Team" ( at the bottom and then look at the code of that page, the code contains multiple sentences saying:

"Matt was trying to be funny and... it worked ! All the SEO's are laughing out loud !!! Matt just try to be funny and that's work, all the seo world is loud of laugh!"

I think it's ......

I think it's really been hacked.
All of his internal pages redirect to the defaced page.
That means people genuinely searching Google and clicking on any of Matt's results are getting redirected. I don't believe Matt would extend the joke to interfere with the SERPS on a matter of principal if nothing else

I think it's really been hacked.

really them why add Matt's (_uacct = "UA-52812-1") code on the page ??


Either way the joke's on Matt

Isn't April 1st long gone now?

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