The Official Blogging Code of Conduct


Influential people asked for a blogging code of conduct. Without further adieu:
1. MY Blogging Code of Conduct is THE OFFICIAL code of conduct. If you blog you must link to it.
2. The reason you are not on the A list is because your blog is no good. And never will be.
3. If you wouldn't do it if your mother was watching you then make sure she can't find it.
4. Love Google and anything furry.
5. Ads are evil, unless they are on my blog, and integrated so heavily that you can't find content.
6. If you want to know what to write about, read my blog to find good writing.
7. If you still have any questions ask somebody who cares.


pump up the volume!

pump up the volume!

on my 30th birthday...

my mother calls me up when I'm snowboarding in whistler and tells me how she disapproves of the name and content on my blog, I was like "OK mother, I will take your thoughts into consideration", my missus was pissing herself laughing :)

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