MSN's Live link: linkdomain: inurl: Taken Down


Basically Eytan Seidman, Lead program manager at "Live Search" posted up on the live search blog that because of automated queries, they have had to take it down.. but they don't warn you or give you a error message, they just leave the screen white !

really Microsoft is that the solution NO wonder you only have 1% of the UK search.



Sorry Dave - Michael had a

Sorry Dave - Michael had a better title ;)

Odd .. cause i stopped reading

because I stopped reading titles like that.. in fact its a common complaint




I don't mind the title being

I don't mind the title being spiced up a bit as long as the content is there. Linkbait title/zero content - sure that gets annoying. There is a difference though.

Edit - looks like we're having the same argument next door

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