MSN Suggests Default Searches


Via Dudiblog, when you load MSN UK, currently it suggests you search for The Apprentice BBC. It has been that way for over 4 hours today. Is the pre-filled search box a branded ad unit, or another sign of cluelessness at M$?


Wow - that is bad...

The search version of product placement?

Surely its paid, and I think

Surely its paid, and I think thats brilliant.

BBC paid searches? Unlikely

BBC paid searches? Unlikely I'd think. Perhaps MSN are throwing up default searches based on daily / weekly popular searches?

Agreed - probably an attempt

Agreed - probably an attempt to connect with trends.

Possibly not a good idea if Paris Hilton has another video released...

MSN Sucks

One word, ATROCIOUS; just like their search product.

Hey MSN... What's it like starring at the backside of your competitors day in and day out?

Looks Like the "Term of the Moment"

At the moment (4pm PST) it shows "Euro 2008 results". Since there was a rather large qualifying round for Euro 2008 earlier today it would make sense that this would be a popular search term at the moment.

PS. Same would apply for the Apprentice BBS which played earlier today on BBC One.

Day 2 of MSN 'Predictive Search'

And today MSN is displaying 'Cricket World Cup'. So MSN could be targeting popular keywords at certain times of day? wow, it really will be interesting what gets displayed next time a celeb does something...sinful? lol

Stupid move, especially for

Stupid move, especially for the user. Instead of just typing the user's got to wipe out MSN's suggestion first.

Least they could do... make it auto-select the complete query string on-focus. Tsk. Other than that: interesting move.

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