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It's next to impossible to avoid reading about Twitter. Twitter is the site that allows anyone and everyone to answer the question, "What are you doing?" Choose a person you wish to stalk and feast on the trivial actions of your willing target, delivered in 140 character sound bytes. So who is Twitterpated?

Chris Garrett has already announced that his Twitter experiment is over.

For those who say it is the next big thing? Not convinced. I haven’t seen a single worthwhile message, not a single scoop, not any content of note that I couldn’t get through another channel with more context and depth.

Graywolf tested Twitter, and admitted on my blog that Twitter just isn't for him.

I’ve tried twitter and came to the same conclusion, however as someone pointed out to me, the criticisms against twitter are very similar to those leveled against blogs in the early days . So while it’s not for me I’m content to keep it on my radar screen for now.

Nick Wilson on the other hand, unsubscribed from over one-hundred blogs to join Twitter. Clearly, Nick is twitterpated.

Well, im not subscribing to anyone posting what they're having for dinner. Im hoping to hone my subscriptions over time and develop a very tight, concise stream of links and thoughts on what interests me most: tech and marketing

Flippy disagrees,

Looks horrible to me. I hate the name, I hate the look, I hate the brevity. If I want to read the equivalent of text messages, I can always look over the shoulders of my teenage nephews. I don't need to know what everyone is doing every minute of the day. I'd rather know they put some effort into writing about their day versus giving me one line about it while it was happening

I've already said that "Twitter is a platform that connects voyeurs with exhibitionists. Really sad exhibitionists. People that want to share with the world what TV show they’re watching, or that they’re walking their dog".

Is there value in Twitter? Certainly not for me, at least not value that is readily apparent and the banality of Twitter doesn't exactly inspire me to search for any. For those of you though that would like to experiment with Twitter or for those that are already twitterpated, you might want to read up on The Several Habits of Wildly Successful Twitter Users.



Honestly this looks to me like an experiment. "With enough marketing, the stupidest ideas can gain critical mass." The service must have been founded on a bet.


I had never heard of it until SXSW spammed it, err, marketed it. Then it was all over the place and sheeple everywhere were bleating its virtues. Bah.

it's neat

but that's all. I have no use for neat, thanks.

There must've really been no

There must've really been no money in Odeo if they backbenched it to focus on Twitter. I'm entirely unable to grok the point.

Just don't get it

At the urging of a few people who love it - I created an account and updated it twice and then never used it again. To me so much of it seems to be reading one side of a conversation with lots of @you and @you which is quite boring. Also - so many of the messages I have seen seem to be about people talking about Twitter (my twitter habits, twitter top users, etc)...

I created an account a long

I created an account a long time ago when it was beta, and never got it. Now I get it, and have no desire to use it.

Patronizing the attention whores....

Everything that's wrong with blogging

Egomaniacal cat posts.

Yeah but you just know

Yeah but you just know somebody is going to pay a couple of billion $$$'s for it anyway.

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