Reed Elsevier Gets Wise to SEO, Sort of...


Seth Godin has been barraged with email spam asking to exchange links:

Over the last few weeks, I've received several emails, all the same, all from real people at Reed. They baldly (and boldly) ask me to swap links with them as part of a scheme to move up the Google rankings.

Bob Garfield posted an article about many other publishers and marketers moving online.


Translation: it fits our

Translation: it fits our business model to be ranked highly, so we'll go ahead and cheat to get there.

No, Seth - this is it: Translation: It fits our business model to make inappropriate approaches to apply an out-dated strategy and annoy potential audiences doing so.

ho hum

link exchange emails...

thats sooo 2001

We Don't Know How to Hire Online Marketing Staff

When I read this, my first thought was they probably hired the wrong person because like many companies who realize that they need Search Marketing staff, they don't know what to look for in a candidate. Here's a job listing for an Online Marketing Specialist with Reed

• Actively create and solicit partnerships in the marketplace that drives traffic growth (i.e. linkage programs, branding exposure, search engine optimization).Online marketing experience is preferred but not required.

That's how you end up with your staff sending link exchange emails.

Don't ask me how I know, but

Don't ask me how I know, but this cluelessness is the tip of the iceburg.

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