Anonymous Death Threats, Just for Fun


In a market where people will do anything for 15 seconds of fame some people take it a bit too far.



That is really bad. I hope they identify who was behind it so that she might be able to feel secure enough to be free to do what she wants to do. That royally sucks.

I once got a threatening/abusive phonecall due to my making a decision that someone disliked. It was in my capacity as a moderator of an email list I administrate and which I'd cofounded with a friend. Someone got mad at me for restricting a particular user's posting privileges. The guy I'd restricted was not following the charter, and after multiple warnings I finally took away his posting ability and threatened to unsub him. He didn't make the threatening call -- it was someone else.

I just changed to an unlisted number, and there was no prob after that.

Always report any threat to

Always report any threat to the police. They won't actually do anything at first and it will seem stupid, but you need to document the threats in case it continues or heightens. Report each threat. Because you are going to feel stupid reporting it after a year, at least I did when the police asked... so he emailed you threats, mailed you, and now calls your home saying he is coming over and only now you think it is serious?

Seriously disgusting.

Seriously disgusting.

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