Life Magazine, InfoWorld end printed versions - USA Today down 14% , Wall Street Journal down 10%


Here are two related, but separate stories that someone needs to merge (hence why I am putting them both on threadwatch). In short, Print Media is having a very, very bad day.

Life Magazine switching to 100% online and New York Times Article stating that everyone in the print media is losing huge percentages

This is the part that bugs me the most, The New York Times found someone to question the article wondering if it's a 'trend' or a 'short-term slump'... fyi NYTIMES, this 'short-term slump' has been moving for 10 years now, and now you are questioning if the Internet is a viable source of news? huh?

How many of you buy print magazines for your main source of news?

How could yesterday's news (the newspaper) even compete to the internet when news happens in real time? I am sure we could find people that say 'I read the paper' sure... but is that your main source of news... or do you spend more time on forums, or Drudge Report, Google News or whatever as compared to running out in the snow to get the paper?


funny really

I was chatting to some seo's saying that print media is option that we should not forget about, if google are interested in getting their ad's in print then so should we.

Yes - but take it in context

Print Media currently has a significant but diminishing market share. Those who say don't discount print media as an outlet are looking in the short to medium term future.

Also from my recollections of the discussion it was about offline media in general not just print.

So we look at different kinds of offline media:

Print: Is a sand castle with the tide coming in

TV: Solid as the rocks the tide cant move

Billboards et al: The tide may be eroding here but can't do any serious damage until homeworking becomes significantly more common than it is at the moment.


EMAP (large UK magazine and radio owner) reports results at bottom end of expectations and is restructuring with job cuts. (Interesting that radio advertising revenues took a big hit, as well as print.)

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