The 10 Minute RSS Primer - Getting up to Speed with Bloglines

Okay, so i've become increasingly aware that many of the Threadwatch boys and girls, and Search marketing crowd in general don't know much about RSS - This short primer is intended to get you up to speed in 10 minutes or less. I will be adding to this by posting some more quick primers with links to further reading over the coming weeks. Follow the title link for the full post.

What you will learn here
This post is simply intended to get you to the point where reading and using RSS is simple. Including subscribing to RSS feeds and using the most popular web based Feed Reader: Bloglines.

There are many other ways to subscribe to RSS feeds. There are in fact many good aggregators out there including My.Yahoo and the Sage plugin for Firefox - The point here though is to get you up to speed in the fastest time possible - one of the neat features of Bloglines and most other aggregators is the importing and exporting of OPML so if you find you get a taste for RSS (as you should) then you can always export your feeds and then import them back into something else at a later date.

Open an Account at Bloglines

First, get a bloglines account - just follow the instructions, it's ever so simple and should only take a minute.

Start out with Some Good Search Feeds

I said this was going to be easy and quick right? Well, it is. Below is a list of some of the better Search related blog feeds - the links themselves are special, they will automaticlally take you to your bloglines account and prompt you to subscribe to the feed. Go ahead and try it, you should find the interface quite self explanatory...

And a few more general ones of interest:

Those feeds listed above are not in any particular order and are not my complete list. They're just a small fraction of what im subscribed to and there are many many ommisions - those are simple some of my favorites. So no beating me up 'cos i didn't put your blog in ok? heh..

Checking Your Feeds & Subscribing to More

Bloglines updates once an hour, so all you need to do now is bookmark your feeds page and check it a few times a day to keep up with the feeds you've subscribed to.

To subscribe to other sites you'll need to first check that they actually have a feed :) Usually you'll see an orange XML button, or a specific bloglines subscribe button somewhere in the navigation. You can see Threadwatch's just to the left at the bottom of the menu there. If there is a specific Bloglines one, then just click it, if not, grab the url of the XML link (or Atom, more on that another time..) and then go to your bloglines account. On the left panel, you'll see a link to "add" - jusct click it and paste the XML URL into the form and your done.

Easy eh?

More on the way...

For now that's it. You should hopefully be subscribed to a few good feeds, and be able to subscribe to more when you find them. Next time, i'm going to show you how to use the bloglines notifier plugin for Firefox, and talk about why this stuff is very, very important to anyone that promotes websites.

If you have questions, or want to add to what i've said, go right ahead...



Very nice stuff, Nick.

Opera has an internal RSS feed reader. On sites with feeds, a little blue "RSS" icon appears in the address bar. Click it and the feed is added instantly along with a bunch of posts.

Then Opera checks each feed at the interval you specify. When Opera's importing/receiving the feeds, a little slide-up panel notifies you of which feeds are arriving.

You can check incoming feeds via Opera's Feeds menu (on the File/Edit menu bar).

Elegant. And that was Opera 8.54.

for those.....

...blogs that dont offer email subscription try I for one love getting emailed RSS updates and not having to bother with a RSS reader.


My sound has not been working for a little while, so i kind of missed this. But if you're not keen on Bloglines, try Alex Barnett's RSS 101 Screencast - Great stuff!

Best RSS Tutorial IM not so HO

Although it comes from a Gov't bod - this is fairly good.

Or if you use other readers

You can use feed: links eg. feed:

Bloglines Add Feed Favelet

If the site you are looking at has a feed, you can use the following favelet to add it to your Bloglines account:


(remove the underscore in java_script before copying to your browser)