MSFT Research's Search Strider proxy


MSFT releases/updates Search Ranger proxy, sort of similar to Achilles, which lets advertisers determine the IP addresses of their content publisher clicks.

Strider Search Ranger


no responsible company...blah blah blah

"any responsible ISP would respond immediately by removing the spammer because they don’t want to be knowingly involved in making money from spam."

This theme is repeated several times over.

How about no responsible conglomerate would foist shit like Vista and it's predecessors on the public because they dont want to be knowingly involved in making money from security plagued bloatware full of DRM issues.


Called a family member yesterday and he was removing Vista from his laptop and reloading his old stuff. I had to laugh, he was so looking forward to Vista but cursed a storm when I asked him why he was removing it. LOL

Kicking & Screaming

Why does everyone moan so much about MS products.
No one forces the pubic to stump up.
There are alternatives.

Bad News For Google

Is Microsoft targeting SPAM or AdSense? ;)

I always thought AdSense MFA sites and Google's SPAM team were at odds with each other and Google would just clean up their backyard and let Yahoo and MSN feed traffic to all the MFA sites, aka Google's bottom line.

Guess they still have Yahoo to help their bottom line as it's still full of MFA sites but I see that improving a bit as well.

Now that MS is taking a stand to help people eradicate the junk it looks like Google might have to turn a blind eye on SPAM in Google or watch their bottom line take a hit.

Sorry, I tried to keep it on topic, no Vista bashing ThreadJacking, maybe next time.

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