K-Fed Gets into Search


Kevin Federline aka Mr Ex-Brittney Spears has launched his own branded search engine Search with Kevin, by searching you are entered in a contest and the "winner" gets a chance to party K-Fed at his birthday bash.

Jokes aside, does creating a novelty or branded search portal make it more accessible/desireable to any segments of the population? Ultimately the people want the best results, but what about ways to integrate a Google Powered Custom Search Engine into a community, encourage/incentivize the users by giving away prizes real or imagined. For example what about a Harry Potter forum/community/blog that can track logged in members who search with their custom engine and increase their community rank when they do.


That is great shit!

LOL!! Search with K-Fed...

Someone shoot me.

hell just froze over


Yahoo results

It's Yahoo results... I thought someone was talented as K-Fed could build a search engine from scratch... heh.

Smart Guy?

Remember Mark Wahlberg? He wasn't much more musically advanced than K-Fed and he transformed himself into an A-list actor.

K-Fed might actually be a pretty smart guy with a decent business sense. He landed (IMO) the most notable Super Bowl Commercial. I have to think his financial prospects are now much better than Britney's. Imagine how well he'd do if he partnered online with some of top people who frequent Threadwatch.

Hopefully, there will not be a second album...

Yep, I gagged...

Then it occurred to me what great marketing ploy this was. he's instantly snagged every K-Fed fan when they're online, there will be a returning/growing crowd due to the prizing components - yeah, much as it kills me to say this, he might be onto something.

Well, I should clarify - someone at the marketing firm contracted to handle such things might be onto something and is using the stickiness of his name/rep to help create the gravity.

The concept could well have legs - great HP idea above.

Shit - did K-Fed just define vertical search?

Then it occurred to me what

Then it occurred to me what great marketing ploy this was. he's instantly snagged every K-Fed fan

Not including family, that makes it what, 10 people? Seriously, you would be hard pressed to find a major album release that solder fewer copies than his, this just seems dumb.

Many are doing this

including iWon.com & blingo.com

Right Idea, Wrong Spoksmodel

If they had "Search with Paris Hilton" instead, it would be a winner.

Im being absolutely serious, and Yahoo is the only search engine this would work with.

Imagine being able to search through all (good) things Martha Stewart? Or see all Hulk Hogans favorites?

the sign of the apocalypse

sell your clothes we are going to heaven

he's instantly snagged every K-Fed fan

so he's got a foursome for golf now too?

I'd rather....

...have bowel surgery in the woods with a stick than go to his birthday bash...


I do what I always do when I hear something about some person I should know about but don't, I mention that person to my teenage daughter and her friends.

Me: K-Fed started his own search engine.

Teen Daughter: Right. He needs a search engine to find his 6 fans.

Teen 2: Or a record deal.

Teen 3: Or a clue.

Teen 2: Or a tune for that matter.

Teen Daughter: Maybe he'll find some talent. Or some panties for his ex. Or her sanity.

Me: You can win a chance to go to his birthday party.

Them: Eewww.

Jeeezzz - I must be sad.

I actually knew who K-Fed referred too.

Screw paris hilton...

>>>If they had "Search with Paris Hilton" instead

If Oprah ever decides to do this, then we'll see some damn traction. LOL.


Rae.... Oprah????? and I had you pegged as hardcore.... Oprah?????

Poor K-Fed

You can win a chance to go to his birthday party.

Maybe that's the only way he could get anyone to come to it?

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