Guardian Newspaper offers RSS Reader with Overture Ads

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Guardian Offers RSS Newsreader for Download
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There's been a lot of speculation and talk of the printed press' future online in recent months, even including this wonderful movie on the future of media in general but little seems to come out of all of this talk. Particularly from the newspapers themselves.

However, whereas im sure this isn't the killer app newspapers need, it's heartening to read that the Guardian will be pushing an RSS reader as download to help users keep abreast of content. The app is currently being offered to a limited number of users for trial.

The reader itself is called Newspoint and was produced by Cosenda. It comes prefilled with a whole bunch of feeds from the newspaper making it ready to go without fuss or thought.

Overture Providing Ads in the Feeds and Newsreader

Overture will be providing the ads both in the app itself and the feeds, with some room for the newspapers that partner with Cosenda to also provide dedicated ad feeds to the system. Cosenda are also working with the LA Times and courting a whole bunch more media companies as part of their strategy.

Seems like a fine idea to me.


Daily Mail

The Daily Mail (UK paper) had now joined the RSS bandwagon aswell:

Talking to myself again...

Overture just told me that no deal had been signed with Cosenda - they dint say much more..

You wanna clarify that a bit Kristen?


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