MSN Pay Companies to use Search


According to DNA Evolutions Microsoft are offering payment to companies that get their staff to use search

"We are conducting a trial programme through which Microsoft is providing service or training credits to a select number of enterprise customers based on the number of Web search queries conducted by their employees via Live Search," the Redmond, Washington, company said in a written statement on Friday.


Enterprise companies? Surely

Enterprise companies? Surely not ones with creative IT depts who could automate the process while human staff use Google? :)

thats a cheap marketing

Let the quality do the marketing, its open for all, its accessible for all, its free for all. You pay when you are not sure of the quality (in this case at atleast), spend that money on your engine (it really is not upto our standards to use).

I like the call to help. open a channel for us that we can contribute, not only with codes but with ideas as well. Hope Steve listens to it.

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