Are you here to fix the printer? - bOllocks friday


Founder goes to meeting to sell CMS system, get's asked if he is there to fix the printer. Funny story y'all should appreciate.

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Nerds. Question is, did you make the sale, you cyber-geek?

What crazyhorse said. I'd

What crazyhorse said.

I'd guess no.


I betcha they said 'No' and then asked him to fix the printer on the way out.

You guys are great!

Thanks for the vote of confidence!

You are very mean people :)

screw the printer. which

screw the printer. which opensource cms were you proposing?


We were thinking Joomla because of the vast amount of content (several thousand pages)and the easier than most client interfaces (meaning they could post stuff up there easy and change the layout without having to call a developer)

We had a few other options that we liked.. but the client really liked playing with Joomla! the best.

We are not 100% sure if Joomla! is the best, but generally we are leading towards it.

Drupal came up as well (we showed him threadwatch) he was impressed with it, but said that the format is better for a 'give and take' how he phrased it as compared to what he was looking for.


My guess was Drupal. But, yeah, Joomla is getting good reviews.


It's very nice, the hackers with botnets love it.


The best OS CMS I've used is Wordpress - not very flexible but suits many types of site. They also have akismet which is very good at stopping the bot-spam. Nice and search engine friendly out of the box and very easy to upgrade when required to.

(You definitely would have got some bonus points for fixing the printer on the way out though!)

>did you make the sale

>did you make the sale

Any news?

Proposal Accepted in Concept

Proposal accepted in Concept, now down to contract ... I will have a full status in 2 weeks...

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