Google Confirms New 'Google Movable Phone'


Have to use Google Translator for this, since I only found it in Spanish.

Inital Story: Full Story (Google Translation) (I don't know what is worse, them getting into the telecom business.. or the Google Translator that translates about as good as I speak Klingon.)

English Version :


Great catch :)

Great catch :)

well to rain of the parade a litle

Cound just be mobile search or muicipal wifi networks and/or a wifi/wimax enabled device.

And i'me not sure a us based company is going to have the chops (technicaly and most importantly politicaly) to make a Google phone work it as mobile networks in the US are so poor compared to europe.

Doing an end run around mobile companies using wifi/wimax is more a google like stratergy and might be doable.

Google is so much more than

Google is so much more than a US based business now, and balanced with this annoucement coming from Spain I think it is possible (not neccearily likely, but I personally believe probable) it could be getting into rebadged hardware

"Doing an end run around

"Doing an end run around mobile companies using wifi/wimax is more a google like stratergy and might be doable."

This is very possible. Google has bought up so much black fibre that they could have a wifi/wimax network to cover most metropolitan areas. Then they can give the service away for free and charge pennies for the hardware and yet again increase AdWords inventory and profits.



A Google Phone would be a

A Google Phone would be a real Microsoft killer. Imagine that, people shifting from PCs to mobile devices, and Google grabs a big markshare.

Microsoft said they will

Microsoft said they will come out with a Zune phone. Trust me it will be a hit, even a fashion statement. Trust me. Hello? Hello?

Sorry, your Zune phone has

Sorry, your Zune phone has crashed. Please tell Microsoft about this problem.

MS doesnt need the phone

They just agreed to acquire TellMe Networks, which handles @ 50% of all directory assistance calls. So in addition to getting a phone number for a local business, you'll get a map pushed to your cell screen (with AdCenter ads).

This report suggests a price in the $1 billion range, but sources say its closer to $800 million, which would still make it MS's largest acquisition in 5 years.

The Phone

Hmm, Google makes the phone free to all, it's just ad-supported. How would that affect the adoption rate for the GPhone?

>>adoption rate Depends on

>>adoption rate

Depends on if it works and works reliably. People want their phone to just work - no beta cr*p - just work. Google will not have time for long cute rollouts, overloaded servers and their usual service launch MO with a phone.

They just agreed to acquire

They just agreed to acquire TellMe Networks, which handles @ 50% of all directory assistance calls.

Pardon my ignorance, but since directory assistance went to $1.50 per call (and up) with automated agents (lousy user experience) does anyone still use it? Oh, I get it. THAT's why MS bought it. Check.

Tomorrow's News: Google phone users can earn side money by opting-in answer local directory assistance calls from their neighbors. Answerers will earn $0.15 each time they answering a question correctly. Bill and Tonya Redneckian of Tulsaloosta claim they are already paying their cable bill and half the monthly beer allowance on their earnings from the beta program. "When that phone rangs, we answers it cause it means FREE BEER", said an excited and slightly inebrated Tanya when asked about the seemingly anachronistic Motorola flip phone perched on the edge of her "Bubba's BBQ" folding chair. "With Fryzen we only pay for outgoing calls", added her husband, with a smile. Analysts note the effective externalization as a trademark of Google's assault on mainsream industry.

What about SEO types who will try and abuse the system? "We have a years of state-of-the-art fraud detection based on our AdWords system", said a Google spokeperson. "The system has voting, and after the call, users click 1 to say "thanks" and the Googler gets paid. If the caller clicks 2 for "that was not helpful" the call is considered fraudulent and not paid. We haven't worked out how refunds will be handled yet, if at all, but we can assure you there will be no fraud with our system".

Analysts note that Google mixes PayPerCall into the system with no notice to the caller or answerer, so in some cases Google will take home $15 and $20 profits per call when the call was connected through to a PayPerCall sponsor (whether or not the $0.15 is paid). When asked about a potential conflcit of interest, Google spokesperson replied "we don't get involved in the answer - it's completely up to the answerer how they direct the caller, and it's up to the caller how they rate the answer for quality. There is no conflict of interest for Google".

When asked how she felt about giving Google such a large share of the profits earned by her "work", Tanya replied "what? I don't get it. Does the phone still ring? If it does, FREE BEER!"

does anyone still use it?

Only about 35 million people. You know who you are. ;)

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